What age can you get plastic surgery?

date_range 13-Mar-2023
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Everyone between 18 and 70 was considered a good fit for plastic surgery. This is because most cosmetic operations perform at their peak after the body has reached its full adult size. Males typically attain adult size between ages 15 and 18, while girls usually do so between ages 14 and 18.

But it also depends on the kind of surgery you decide to get.

For Teens

Since most doctors advise plastic surgery after the body has grown into its full adult size, rhinoplasty, sometimes known as a nose job, is the procedure of choice (most popular among teens).

20s and 30s

Similar to teenagers, adults in their 20s frequently have nose jobs.

Breast augmentation is another typical cosmetic surgery operation for individuals in this category.

Other surgery options may be included:

Facelift, Breast, Stomach Tuck, Lips augmentation, etc.

Source: Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads