Vietnam names new President To Lam and new National Assembly Speaker Tran Thanh Man

date_range 20-May-2024
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Vietnam: The Vietnamese government has also announced that 66-year-old Police Minister To Lam will take over as the new president, replacing Vo Van Thuong, while Tran Thanh Man will take over. The new speaker of the National Assembly replaces Vuong Dinh Hue, who resigned last month after facing charges of "abuse and lack of party compliance" according to the Vietnamese government on Saturday last weekend as part of a major leadership change.

Thanh Min, now 61, has served as deputy speaker of parliament since 2021. He holds a doctorate in economics and was also chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and chairman of the Prek Russey or Cần Thơ People's Committee.

It should be recalled that such a change of senior ministers is unprecedented for Vietnam, a one-party state and also a country with stable politics, but the situation has changed, with up to two presidents and a parliamentary speaker ended his term in less than 18 months for "misconduct" while Vietnam was conducting a large-scale anti-corruption campaign.