14 New Cranes Recorded

date_range 07-Jun-2024
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Phnom Penh, June 06, 2024—

A team of a biodiversity conservation organisation, NatureLife Cambodia, has recorded 14 new cranes during their most recent 2023–2024 census.

Of the endangered birds discovered, six were adult cranes, said the team, adding that the figures showed that the crane population is stable compared to the census in 2022–2023.

They continued that the finding reconfirmed that the Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, where the cranes were found, plays an important role in providing spawning grounds for endangered species.

The Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is the main spawning ground for cranes, which breed from May to Oct.

The team is also planning a study to locate the crane nests and support them to push up the bird's spawning rate.

The crane is the tallest bird that can fly. It is generally 1.76 metres high, weighs 5–12 kilogrammes, and has a wingspan of 2.5 metres.