Biogas Power Production Mulls Investment In Cambodia

date_range 31-May-2024
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Phnom Penh, May 29, 2024 --

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has carefully learned about an investment plan for a biogas power production project proposed for operation in Cambodia.

H.E. Dith Tina joined the project briefing at the ministry on May 28 by Enserv Holding Company Limited on the establishment of the Sorghum grass farm and the Sorghum grass biogas power plant project.

The minister, in principle, welcomed the investment and encouraged the investor to run a comprehensive upstream study on technical and legal aspects as well as to secure solid market placement of the produce.

Meanwhile, he advised the investor to look into the downstream of the operation, especially to promote grass-growing among targeted farmers with reliable profitability.

A thorough examination of both the upstream and downstream aspects is a key foundation for a successful and sustainable investment, emphasised H.E. Dith Tina.