Some Common Sickness That can Happen To Your Dogs

date_range 28-Jul-2023
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Every pet owners are very careful about their pets such as puppy. That is why it is important to know what type of sickness that can happen to your dogs.

Here are some common illnesses that can occur:

Ear infection

It's quite likely that allergies are to blame for your dog's persistent ear infections. Dogs with big ears are typically more prone to ear infections. If your own dog shaking his head, and stroking his ear, it is a sign that you should take your dog for a thorough check-up before it get serious.

Skin infection

All dogs itch occasionally, but if you see your dog itch constantly, it may be an indication of something more serious. Food allergies are the leading cause of itchy skin in dogs. Most dog meals contain maize, wheat, and soy, which are the most typical food allergies.


A shortage of the hormone insulin or an insufficient sensitivity to insulin are the two main contributing factors to the complicated illness of diabetes in dogs. A dog's blood sugar levels increase if he cannot properly use or generate insulin. This causes hyperglycemia.


One dog may carry several hundred worms for five to seven years. Therefore, it is essential to take your dog to meet regularly with a professional.