Is period pain normal?

date_range 21-Jul-2023
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Period pain is a typical symptom of the menstrual cycle and is rather typical. It happens to most women at some time in their life.

It often presents as terrible stomach pains that occasionally move to the back and thighs.

Sometimes the pain is sharp and spasmodic; other times it may be mild but more persistent.

Additionally, it could change over time. While some periods may be painless, others may be more uncomfortable.

reasons for menstrual pain

The womb's muscular wall tightens (contracts), causing period discomfort. Your womb experiences regular, modest contractions, but most women won't feel them because of how mild they generally are.

In order to aid in the shedding of the womb lining during your period, the womb wall starts shrinking more forcefully at this point in time.

Your womb's wall constricts, compressing the blood vessels lining it. This briefly blocks off your womb's access to blood and oxygen. Your womb's tissues emit chemicals that cause discomfort when insufficient oxygen is present.

Your body produces additional compounds known as prostaglandins in addition to these pain-inducing ones. These induce greater contractions from the womb muscles, raising the degree of pain.