Ministries Of Information And Inspection Sign MoU On News And Events Broadcasting Cooperation

date_range 22-Mar-2024
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PPhnom Penh, March 22, 2024 --

Ministry of Information (MoINFO) and Ministry of Inspection have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on News and Events Broadcasting Cooperation to allow the latter to collaborate and broadcast her contents of information via all kinds of media outlets of the former such as the Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP), National Radio of Cambodia (NRK), National Television of Cambodia (TVK), App MoINFO, and so on.

The signing ceremony of the MoU was held between H.E. NETH Pheaktra, Minister of Information, and H.E. HUOT Hak, Minister of Inspection, at the MoINFO office on Mar. 22.

On the occasion, H.E. NETH Pheaktra mentioned that, through the above-mentioned MoU, the MoINFO would help the Ministry of Inspection to broadcast information and participate in supporting contents, so that the latter could send messages such as her activities and affairs, law explanation and keys to law-related implementation to the public, as well as receive information and feedback from fellow citizens to strengthen the rule of law in Cambodia.

Law enforcement can be done unless people understand about the law, H.E. Minister underlined.

H.E. NETH Pheaktra added that the MoU would lay a foundation to strengthen inspection affairs and participate in fulfilling duty as the public media outlets of the MoINFO, as well as be a framework to strengthen affairs among ministries to achieve the common goal to serve the public with responsibility, a testimony that both ministries have implemented the policy and guidance of the 7th-mandate Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), and was also a model to other institutions to show the public about real servants of the citizens through cooperation and solidarity, by reaffirming that the MoINFO would try her best to further collaborate with existing and other ministries/institutions.

‘‘The MoU shows how to work, and maturity of how to work of ministries, and carry out the recommendations of Prime Minister of Cambodia, further strengthens the Ministry of Inspection’s work in order to both promote herself and receive information from the public which was a foundation to effectively fulfill tasks from the RGC, so that our society has transparency, accountability, justice, and make the Ministry of Inspection play stronger roles in an orientation of all ministries and the whole society to walk in the right way to become an upper middle-income country by 2030, and a high-income country by 2050, so both media and inspection sector and other sectors would upgrade their qualities and effectiveness of Cambodia as a developed country,” said the information minister.

H.E. NETH Pheaktra further mentioned about the important roles of open information sources (general broadcasting) to provide inputs to ministries/institutions for information management and investigation in the framework of transparency and accountability, in addition to social media network and secret information source.

For his part, H.E. HUOT Hak briefed the event about the background of the Ministry of Inspection, and shared his insights about the significance roles of information in general and the MoU in specific.