What causes sweaty palms?

date_range 21-Jul-2023
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Hyperhidrosis is abnormally excessive sweating that isn't always caused by heat or physical activity. This kind of excessive sweating not only interferes with regular activities but can also make one feel uncomfortable and anxious around others.

Your body uses sweat as a cooling system. When your body temperature rises, your neurological system naturally causes your sweat glands to release sweat. When you're anxious, you usually start to sweat, especially on your palms.

Primary focal (essential) hyperhidrosis is the most prevalent type of the condition. With this type, your sweat glands' signaling neurons become overactive even though no physical activity or temperature increase has caused them to do so. The issue gets worse when you're stressed or anxious. Your palms, feet, and even your face are typically affected by this variety.

This kind of hyperhidrosis has no known medical reason. Due to the fact that it occasionally runs in families, it might have a hereditary component.

When a medical disease is the cause of excessive sweating, this is known as secondary hyperhidrosis. It is the less typical variety. It's more likely to make you perspire all over.

Here are some factors that cause excessive sweating, especially on your palms.