Ministry Warns Air Quality Decline

date_range 12-Jan-2024
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Phnom Penh, January 12, 2024 --

The Ministry of Environment has flagged an alarming decline in air quality in Phnom Penh and the provinces of Cambodia.

Based on the ministry's air quality monitoring, the decline in air quality was mainly due to an increase in inert particles floating in the air (PM10 and PM2.5), surpassing the standard and posing risks to human health and the environment.

Activities contributing to the decline include emissions from industrial vehicles, plastic waste dumping and incineration, and dust generated from construction sites.

Forest fires, burning of grass and agricultural waste, open solid waste burning, and landfill fires are also the main contributors, it added.

To address this issue, the Ministry of Environment has requested that the 25 capital-provincial governors promote the implementation of the government circular on measures to prevent and reduce public air pollution.

Public awareness building and measures to prevent waste, forest, and plastic burning also need to be taken.