The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding shows the excellent Cambodian-Chinese diamond friendship

date_range 03-Nov-2023
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On the occasion of the new "Cambodia-Chengdu-ASEAN" Silk Road Development Forum in Chengdu, Henan Province, the People's Republic of China, Cambodia and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate the strength of Cambodia-China diamond friendship and Past successful cooperation.

Cambodia and China have agreed to sign four memorandums:

1. Joint Agreement on the Establishment of International Education Cooperation between the Department of Education of Chengdu and the Royal Academy of Cambodia

2. Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between the Conversation of Sao Linh Pagoda and Angkor Wat Temple of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Radio of Chengzhou, National Tourism Association of Cambodia and National Airlines of Cambodia

3. Advanced Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement of the Brain Bank of Cambodia - Chengzhou

4. Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Investment Cooperation "Two Countries, Two Parks" between Cambodia and Chengdu

The above Memorandum of Understanding is the achievement of the launch of the new "Cambodia-Chengdu-ASEAN" Silk Road, which Cambodia-Chengzhou has built in line with its commitment to help boost the bilateral economy for the community, the new era will be better and confirm the Cambodia-China diamond friendship and will continue to promote other related fields.