Why do red ants bite and black ants don't?

date_range 22-May-2023
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Ants are little creatures, yet they may cause a lot of damage. Many kinds of ants exist, but the red and black ants are the most typical ones. 

Yes, black ants attack people in self-defense, just like red ants, but the bites are so tiny and insignificant that you might not even notice. However, the reds bites have the greatest depth of penetration, which is enough to cause severe discomfort in most individuals. On the other hand, Blacks do not possess a strong enough bite to harm people.

Both species will bite and spray acid on the wound, but red ant venom has the unfortunate effect of burning your wound and intensifying it.

Another major difference between the two species are

  • Red ants have the potential to be violent against people and other animals, 
  • Black ants can be an annoyance around the house, and some of them could harm wooden buildings
  • Although red ants are rarely seen close to housing, they attack viciously if their colony is disturbed.

Sources: AZ animals and Pestminator