3 causes why your hair is oily in summer

date_range 15-May-2023
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Do you always find your hair oily in summer?

The most challenging common cause of greasy hair on our list to address. Because it's typically a subconscious habit, caressing one's hair. However, when we touch our hair, we spread dirt and oils from our skin to its strands, which might hasten the rate at which it gets greasy. Avoid using your hands to style your hair excessively.

Under-washing can also result in oily hair, even while over-washing can make your hair produce too much oil. The majority of us are aware of this culprit: after a few days or a week without washing, we gradually start to detect grease forming on our normally healthy scalp. When product, sweat, dirt, and pollutants start to accumulate on the hair, it's time for a thorough cleaning.

Moreover, in summer, we tend to sweat around forehead and body. The sweat cause your hair to get wet which leads to greasiness.