What is charismatic leadership?

date_range 15-May-2023
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Every type of leadership has a particular area of concentration. A leader that possesses charismatic leadership has the ability to persuade people by charm, attractiveness, and effective communication. Given their capacity for emotional connection, charismatic leaders are especially valuable in organizations that are going through a crisis or are having a hard time moving forward.  

Each charismatic leader has a slightly unique appearance. However, the majority of charismatic leaders share a number of crucial traits, including: 

  • Strong communicator; 
  • sympathetic and approachable; 
  • self-assured; 
  • inspiring; 
  • engaging and appealing;
  • and optimistic 

You might have noticed that transformational and charismatic leadership have much in common. A shared vision is what transformational leaders rely on to bring about change, as opposed to charismatic leaders, who rely on their own personality and skill set to inspire followers to action. Therefore, not all charismatic leaders are necessarily transformational, even though most transformational leaders have a tendency to be charismatic.  

Source: Torch.io