History of Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games)

date_range 10-May-2023
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The Southeast Asian Games, also referred to as the SEA Games, are a biannual multi-sport competition that draws athletes from the 11 Southeast Asian nations (ten ASEAN members plus East Timor). 

The Southeast Asian Peninsular Games, often known as the SEAP Games, were founded by Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Burma, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Thailand's Bangkok hosted the inaugural SEAP Games in 1959.

It was created with the goal of improving member nations' performance in the bigger Olympics and Asian Games and fostering better ties among the nations of peninsular Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) are now a major celebration of Southeast Asia's athletic culture, taking place every two years with different ASEAN countries serving as host. The 2023 SEA Games are now being celebrated, and Cambodia is serving as the event's host nation for the first time since the SEA Games' founding.

Source: visitsoutheastasia.travel