Why do we need to protect wildlife?

date_range 02-May-2023
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Mother Nature gave us wildlife, which many people take for granted. The phrase "wildlife" encompasses all non-domesticated organisms, including birds, insects, plants, and even microscopic organisms in addition to wild animals.

All living things should be treated with the same respect as people in order to preserve a healthy ecological balance on this planet. Therefore, we must safeguard wildlife.

Every living thing has a place in the ecosystem, but tragically, many of the creatures on the globe are progressively clogging the endangered list as a result of habitat loss, illegal poaching, hunting, and other factors. Numerous factors play a significant role in the extinction of wildlife. In addition to being valuable in terms of themselves, animals and plants also contribute to a larger natural environment by serving as a source of food, shelter, water, and other necessities for both people and other animals.