Can Wi-Fi Provider Know Your History of Browsing?

date_range 02-May-2023
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Yes, it is possible for your WiFi provider or a WiFi network owner to see the websites you visit, which means they may view the browsing data accessed over their WiFi network. Routers also view log data, which includes the time and activity on your computer. All types of Internet traffic, such as search history, browsing information, browser history, and other online activities, are covered by this law.

However, a number of variables affect the possibility of monitoring your WiFi use. Principally, these include the following:

  • The type of router you were using, 
  • the website you visited's use of a TLS/SSL certificate, 
  • and the presence of an active VPN connection

Public wifi networks use this for various purposes, including data sales and monitoring for unsuitable material.

What Happens If I Delete My Device's Browsing History?

Clear browsing history means It's no longer there on your end, but the data has already been transmitted. Your information is still in the WiFi owners' router logs even if you have cleared it.

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