How do you get gray hair at early stage?

date_range 26-Apr-2023
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Have you ever wondered why, despite being in your 20s, your gray hair keeps sprouting on your head? Why is this!

You might develop gray hair at a young age for a variety of reasons. Some of these elements are ones that you have no control over:


You may develop gray hair at a young age due to a gene. This element is crucial. You are more likely to get white hair if your grandparents had gray hair when they were younger.

Lack of Vitamin B-12

Early-onset white hair can also be a sign of vitamin B-12 insufficiency. This vitamin is crucial to your body's functioning. It also helps with healthy hair development and hair color. It offers you energy. Red blood cells that supply oxygen to your body's cells, including hair cells, depend on vitamin B-12 for good health.


If you always feel stressed out from job or school, stress may be to blame if you've observed an increase in the quantity of white hair.