Two young Cambodians graduate from the YSEALI program in the United States and are committed to social development

date_range 27-Sep-2023
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According to the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Lian Sokleap and Bonnat Zo Isidana have successfully completed five weeks of study at the University of Montana and the East-West Center of Hawaii through the YSEALI Academic Fellowship in the fall of 2023.

Lean Sokleap, a short-term YSEALI candidate, said that as a member of the YSEALI Fellow, he enjoyed interacting with US experts and other participants from Southeast Asia to learn and share experiences and challenges on environmental issues and find practical solutions. In addition, he learned about American society and culture through community work, study tours, and American housing.

"These experiences have given me a broader perspective and motivated me to work hard for the benefit of my community." This is what Mr. Sokleap said.

Ms. Bonnat Zo Isidana successfully completed a five-week study at East-West Center University.

As a member of the YSEALI Fellow, which studies environmental issues, she has gained a deeper understanding of environmental issues in the United States and Southeast Asia through lectures, field trips, and study meetings with specialists in book writing and policy-making while studying and living at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and the University of California Berkeley.

"These experiences allow me to look at these issues from a variety of perspectives and to reflect on leadership-related activities that need to be present in different environments and contexts," said Zhou Yi. ”