What is Passport Privilege?

date_range 24-Apr-2023
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It takes numerous shapes. Ones that identify us include race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. "Passport privilege" refers to the right to unrestricted travel anywhere in the globe due to the passport you hold.

The protection of your passport will be classified as strong or weak depending on the nation you currently have it for. Your ability to travel to each individual country and sovereign nation depends on the sort of passport you have.

Passports tend to be weaker in emerging countries and those struggling to recover from economic and political instability. For many people, it is not a viable option to relocate to a more stable country in order to have a chance at a better life. Simply put, those with weaker passports do not begin from the same place as those with good passports. This unfairly disadvantages these people and may make it difficult for them to break the generational cycles they were born into.