Indian court sentences opposition leader to two years in prison for defamation

date_range 24-Mar-2023
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An Indian court has sentenced opposition leader Rahul Ghandi to two years in prison but allowed him to stay out of jail on charges of defaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The case was repeated during the 2019 election, when leading member Ghandi said in a statement: "All thieves have Modi as their last name. In the years following his rise as Prime Minister, Modi's administration has been widely accused of using other parties to silence critics, especially in his home state of Gujarat.

State Councilor Ravi Shakar Prasad said Ghandi's remarks were not only an insult to his prime minister, but also a disgrace to his people, Modi.

But Ghandi's lawyer, BM Mangukiya, said his client had no intention of insulting anyone. "Ghandi's client told the judge that he was fighting corruption in the country and that his remarks were not meant to insult or harm the community," "None of that." he told reporters outside the court.