China discovers huge gold deposit worth $3 trillion

date_range 21-Mar-2023
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Read More: China recently made the discovery of a massive gold deposit with a reserve of around 50 tonnes, which, at the present market price, can be sold for about $3 trillion. According to the province's mineral resource authority, the deposit is in the remote Rushan City region of eastern China's Shandong Province. The deposit "covers a substantial area," according to Shandong Provincial Department of Geology and Mineral Resources. The ores are simple to mine and prepare. With a higher production over the previous 40 years than any other province in China, Shandong Province has abundant gold resources.The ores are simple to mine and process." Shandong Province is rich in gold resources with a larger production than any other provincial areas across China for the past four decades." Zhou Mingling, deputy commander of the 6th Geological Brigade at the agency, told the local newspaper Dazhong Daily, "The prospectors excavated more than 250 holes, some as deep as 1,400 meters, to find the deposit. 2,000 tonnes of gold ores can be produced by the deposit for at least 20 years, according to government analysis.