Does eating too much fruits cause weight gains?

date_range 21-Mar-2023
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An important component of a healthy diet is fruit. Many essential elements are found in fruits. Fruit does, however, contain natural sugars, and some varieties have a lot of calories. As a result, some people might doubt if they're consuming enough of it. Although you would have hoped that fruit sugar would only be beneficial to the body, fructose can have certain specific negative effects if ingested in large quantities. Although they have fewer calories than many other foods, fruits and vegetables still include some calories. You are adding calories and running the risk of gaining weight if you start eating fruits and vegetables in addition to what you already eat.

What if you drink too much juice?

You might be shocked to learn that fruit juice, especially juice made entirely of fruit, can have a same amount of sugar as soda. Moreover, many drinks contain sugar and other ingredients added.