Line-up of Members of 7th Legislature of National Assembly

date_range 22-Aug-2023
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Phnom Penh, August 22, 2023 --

The following is the list of the National Assembly (NA)’s president and deputy presidents, chairmen and chairwomen, deputy chairmen and deputy chairwomen of the 10 specialised commissions, approved this morning at the first session of the 7th legislature of NA:

I- Leadership

H.E. Kitti Sangaha Pundit Khuon Sudary  President H.E. Kitti Setha Pundit Cheam Yeap First Vice President

H.E. Vong Sauth   Second Vice Presiden

II- Specialised Commissions:

1- Commission on Human Rights, Complaint Reception, Investigation and National Assembly-Senate Relations

H.E. Sar Chamrong Chairman H.E. Sam Dara Deputy Chairman

 2- Commission on Economy, Finance, Banking and Audit H.E. Chheang Vun Chairman H.E. Lok Hour Deputy Chairman 

3- Commission on Planning, Investment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Water Resources H.E. Loy Sophat Chairman H.E. Ma Chhoeun Deputy Chairman

4- Commission on Interior, National Defence and Civil Service H.E. Keo Chuktema Chairman H.E. Chan Sophal Deputy Chairman 

 5- Commission on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Propaganda and Information H.E. Suos Yara Chairman H.E. Nim Chantara Deputy Chairman 6- Commission on Legislation and Justice H.E. Ang Vong Vathana Chairman H.E. Ms. Krouch Sam An

Deputy Chairwoman

7- Commission on Education, Youth, Sports, Cults, Religious Affairs, Culture and Tourism H.E. Pa Socheatevong Chairman H.E. Ms. Kheng Samvada Deputy Chairwoman

8- Commission on Health, Social Affairs, Veterans, Youth Rehabilitation, Labour, Vocational Training and Women’s Affairs H.E. Ms. Lok Kheng Chairwoman H.E. Som Chin Deputy Chairman 

9- Commission on Public Works, Transport, Telecommunications, Post, Industry, Mines, Energy, Commerce, Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction H.E. Ms. Nin Saphon Chairwoman H.E. Ly Chheng Deputy Chairman 

10- Commission on Investigation, Clearance and Anti-Corruption H.E. Pen Simorn Chairman H.E. Keo Vireak Deputy Chairman