Xi says China must build military 'Great Wall of Steel'

date_range 14-Mar-2023
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Chinese President Xi Jinping declared he will concentrate on enhancing security during the yearly meeting of the parliamentary body. In addition, he set a 5% economic growth goal, the lowest in decades.

In order to build a "Great Wall of Steel," President Xi Jinping stated on Monday that China should improve its security and modernize its armed forces.

Speaking at the conclusion of the annual parliament session was Xi, who recently began his third term as president of state.

"Security is the bedrock of development, while stability is a prerequisite for prosperity. We must fully promote the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, and build the people's armed forces into a Great Wall of steel that effectively safeguards national sovereignty, security, and development interests,"he stated.

He vowed to "take the needs of the country as my mission, and the interests of the people as my yardstick."

As the economy expanded by just 3% last year, China set a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth target of 5% percent at the start of the session. This is the lowest objective it has set in nearly three decades. The low sum, according to Li, "has been determined after a comprehensive consideration of various factors."