Things to know about wisdom teeth

date_range 13-Mar-2023
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Between the ages of 17 and 21, most people start to erupt their third set of molars; These teeth are located in the back of your mouth. These molars are often wisdom teeth since they come to light as you age.

Disadvantages of having wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth may bump up against your other

teeth when they grow and cause them to shift. Your jaw may then experience discomfort. As a result, it becomes tight, uncomfortable, and challenging to open. Additionally, this may result in gum swelling on the jaw's side or at the back of the mouth. Consequently, it needed to be removed.

Can we keep wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth left in place should still be watched closely since issues might still arise in the future. People are more susceptible to health issues as they age, including potential problems with their wisdom teeth.

Source: St John WA and Mouth Healthy