Australia Helping Cambodian Farmers to Improve Their Agricultural Productivity

date_range 16-Aug-2023
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Phnom Penh, August 16, 2023 --

The Government of Australia is helping Cambodian farmers to improve their agricultural productivity by enhancing the Skouy breed of chicken.

According to a news release of the Australian Embassy this morning, the Skouy breed, locally known as “Morn Srae” is popular for its delicious meat and excellent egg-laying ability.

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is supporting the first community breeding system for chickens in Cambodia through a chicken genetics project.

The project, led by a team of Cambodian and international scientists, aims to develop a Skouy breed that is more productive and its chicks can be sold at higher price, the same source added.

The programme is equipping farmers with knowledge and skills required to apply breeding selection methods, flock management, appropriate feeding, vaccination and biosecurity, and artificial insemination on hens, the programme pointed out.

“We hope the improved Skouy breed will be available in the market in the next few years,” the embassy said.