US Senate Agrees to Ban TikTok

date_range 09-Mar-2023
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United States: Two U.S. senators and political parties have unanimously agreed on a new law banning all federal officials from using China's TikTok program. The deal comes after Biden's government accused the bytedance company and its founder of sharing users' confidential information with the Chinese government.

The new law will empower the US Department of Commerce to impose austerity measures as well as ban the full use of TikTok software, including certain electronic devices, at institutions or companies it deems to pose a threat to the United States national security.

According to Democrat Senator Mark Warner, the new law will also apply to a number of key electronic devices made in Russia, Iran, Cuba and North Korea.

He said the United States should be more vigilant about the risks to national security posed by the use of equipment under the guise of spy technology produced by rival countries.

Source: Reuter Connect