Can you feel sick before your period?

date_range 09-Mar-2023
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Although it isn't a real medical term, the phrase "period flu" accurately describes how some people feel during their period.

Many question if they are becoming sick or going mad around that time of the month due to flu-like symptoms like headache, nausea, exhaustion, muscular pains, cramps, and even fever. Although experts aren't entirely sure what causes this occurrence, your menstrual cycle's hormone swings are most likely to be to blame. The menstrual flu appears to be extremely real for some people even if it is not recognized as an official condition. Although the exact cause is unclear, hormonal changes probably have a significant impact

While making lifestyle adjustments and using home remedies can frequently be helpful, if your symptoms are interfering with your everyday life, speak to your healthcare practitioner.

Article by: Lim Naroth