Lucrative Local Bamboo Business

date_range 15-Aug-2023
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Phnom Penh, August 15, 2023 --

A Siem Reap man has modernised the design of household materials and souvenirs made of bamboo, making it a lucrative business in the province.

A resident of Thnal Bandoy village, Preah Dak commune, Banteay Srei district in Siem Reap province, Mr. Sreng Sreb said he has spent almost 13 years upgrading his family bamboo business, passed on to him by his parents. Though it takes at least six months to process fresh bamboo into various materials, the current market price for them is very decent, he said.

He added that "Bamboo hammock is currently a bestseller at his place, and I can make at least US$60 from a bamboo hammock."

According to Mr. Sreb, the best bamboos that can produce quality household materials and souvenirs are those with low sugar, are big enough, and are resistant to heat and water.

He bought those bamboos from other villagers in Siem Reap, so when his business is going well, those villagers also benefit from it.

The success of Mr. Sreb's business is attracting many locals to grow bamboo, and the extra farming is contributing significantly to their families' livelihoods.

Looking to the future, Mr. Sreb wants to expand his tailored supplies for home, restaurant, and hotel designs and export his products to international markets.

He also encouraged more supporters for products made of bamboo, which do not deplete the forest but promote it and create jobs.