Bones can kill your dogs

date_range 09-Mar-2023
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Many mistakenly believe that giving dogs large bones is harmless, but cooked bones of any size are dangerous.

#1. Injury and Choking

Dogs' jaws are considerably more robust than ours, so when they chew on cooked bones, they shatter, generating sharp pieces and shards that can pose severe choking risks. Those pieces can pierce the stomach and intestines as they pass through, causing severe internal bleeding and potential death.

#2. Blockages

Even if your dog is effective at chewing up bones, there is a reasonable risk that some pieces will end up in the intestines, creating a blockage. 

#4. Bacteria Infection

The stomach or intestines of your dog might get infected with this unpleasant bacterial infection like Peritonitis that can kill your dog.

What bones are safe for dogs?

Raw bones are safe for your dogs.

Two Types of Raw bones:

1. Edible bones: 

Typically, chicken wings and chicken and turkey necks. These bones include calcium, phosphorus, and trace elements crucial to a healthy raw food diet for your dog.

2. Recreational bones

Recreational bones, such as large sections of beef, bison femur, or hip bones loaded with marrow, are meant to be gnawed on.

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