Samsung VS iPhone

date_range 06-Mar-2023
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iPhone and Samsung are the most competitive companies.

The price of these two are expensive and their quality are also good but  some people prefer Samsung over iPhone, and some prefer iPhone over  Samsung. The big differences that the user should think about are their  operating system and storage. 

One important difference is the operating system. Samsung is the biggest  smartphone running on Android. Android is an open operating system  that has more features and complex options. Android also allows you to  download apps outside the Play store but be careful because these apps  have no safety. While iOS for iPhone. There are over 100 thousand  available apps for your iPhone. You can download apps via the App  Store that have been checked and approved by Apple. However, your  data does not leave your phone unless you give permission for it.  

Another difference between iPhone and Samsung is the storage.  Samsung phones can let you increase storage capacity beyond what is  built into the phone. For example, if you love to watch movies on your  phone, you will require more space than someone who doesn't watch 

movies on their phone. For iPhone, their storage is enough for the  average user. Chose 512GB or 1TB storage if you don't want to worry  about storage place and clearing out your phone.  

Both Samsung and Apple make great phones. Figure out which phone  function fits your needs and based on your interest and money.

Article by: Hean Sovanliza