Is blood in your eyes serious? Will it vanish by itself?

date_range 27-Feb-2023
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You check yourself in the mirror on an otherwise routine morning and discover that you have blood in your eye!

It's likely that a blood vessel in your subconjunctiva has ruptured. A subconjunctival hemorrhage that isn't recurring or persistent is typically produced by a little injury or strain, even though it doesn't appear to be that way.

A subconjunctival hemorrhage, also referred to as a blood spot, is actually an eye bruise that frequently seems to erupt out of nowhere. Actually, it was probably the result of a minor or unnoticed injury (rubbing your eyes long and hard, for example). A tiny blood vessel in the eye may rupture due to certain medical disorders, blood-thinning medications, or both.

How serious can it be?

An eye doctor can identify through a thorough examination whether the redness is brought on by blood that has become trapped behind the conjunctiva or by blood vessel dilation, which can be brought on by other disorders. Some people find artificial tears and cold compresses to be calming as it passes. Yet, the normal subconjunctival bleeding will silently and totally disappear whether you receive therapy or not.