Why do you dream? What are the purposes of your dream?

date_range 24-Feb-2023
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Philosophers and scientists have been intrigued by why humans dream for thousands of years. Despite extensive research on the purpose of dreams, we still don't fully understand why humans have them.

The visuals, ideas, and feelings experienced while sleeping is included in a dream. Dreams may be incredibly vivid or emotional, or they can be vague, short, perplexing, or boring. While some dreams are happy, others are frightful or depressing.

Most of the dreaming happens during REM sleep, which we cycle through several times at night. According to sleep research, REM periods cause our brainwaves to be virtually as busy as they are while awake.

According to some of the most well-known dream theories, dreams serve the following purposes:

• Compile memories

• Manage your emotions

• Let our most genuine intentions be known.

• Get comfortable with possible threats.

Many specialists think that we dream of a mixture of various causes rather than just one specific explanation. In addition, while many studies concur that having dreams is crucial for maintaining one's mental, emotional, and physical health, others contend that dreams have no meaningful function at all.