Why you should never eat tomatoes and cucumber together?

date_range 28-Jul-2023
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People's only need for a salad is to mix some delicious ingredients, but there are other variables to consider than flavor. Certain salad ingredients, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, do not combine well. Before mixing components, we must be aware of the specific digestion periods of each item we consume because each of these vegetables has a different rate of absorption.

Tomatoes and cucumbers should not be mixed or eaten together. After the digestive enzymes reach the stomach and the fermentation process begins, the acid produced in the abdominal cavity may cause a variety of digestive issues.

Moreover, combining meals with differing rates of digestion is not a good idea since the lighter item will pass through the stomach just as the first one is wrapping up its digestion. This might cause your stomach contents to ferment, potentially harming your entire body.