What is global remuneration? Why is it important for MNEs?

date_range 28-Jul-2023
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Any form of compensation provided to workers who work abroad is referred to as global remuneration. It covers their pay and any other perks provided by the employer. Benefits could include things like a place to reside, a corporate vehicle, healthcare, or even language instruction. Basically, everything that would be worth money is provided to an employee as a perk or payment for their labor.

Global compensation is crucial since it helps to: 

·        Retain staff: It is crucial for the firm to ensure that they deserve what they receive based on their performance so that they will work longer for the company. If you lack insight into how to provide your employees, they will not stay longer with your company.

·        Enhance organizational performance: Employees will work harder if MNE pay a strong package of salary, which will improve the company's overall job performance.

·        Can encourage international assignees to carry out international assignments for the company: For instance, several large corporations still need to employ their headquarters' workforce to complete a task in a different nation. If they employ locals, they merely adhere to the norms and context of the area. However, it is difficult to offer fair remuneration when corporations move employees from their headquarters to work in other nations. To motivate them to go, you must give them something truly special. Give them a fair pay package so they will be motivated to go.